Saturday, January 31, 2009

Tuesday, January 20, 2009


Today our youngest turns 20 years old on the 20th! It's hard to believe we don't have anymore least until the grandkids which will be 4 more years for Caitlin (and then she's technically Jake & Haylee's:)
We hope Amanda's day is as beautiful as she is. She had plans to go to Texas Roadhouse tonight with a bunch of friends......they must have had to reserve the whole restaurant to hold that many of her friends!
You can see by these pictures how this chick rocks! She's a cutie, she's a character, she's an auntie, and she's a wonderful daughter whom we love SO very much! Happy Birthday Amanda a.k.a. BLONDIE!

Saturday, January 17, 2009


YAY, we LOVE this time of year....especially Grandpa Bill! Grandpa and Ava decided to practice their fine football skills in the backyard. No matter that Ava looks like a little princess.....she's got what it takes!

Grandma and Ava cheering the Pittsburgh Steelers on the sidelines!
Football strategy
"Ok Grandpa, I'm gonna run the down and out route and you throw me the long bomb for the touchdown."

Tre tackled Grandpa Bill just in time before he made it past the baby gate!

Saturday, January 10, 2009


Here's my boy........28 yrs old and still keeping it young! I love watching Brad maturing and being all responsible and taking care of his little family...yet keeping his youthful spirit and grin! We had a FUN day at Freestone Park. We grilled hotdogs, played basketball, fed the ducks, played with the kids, skateboarded and the weather was PERFECT for a PERFECT birthday for a PERFECT son!

Most of the Bowman fam here......Jasmine was working and Bill was home sleeping for his graveyard shift so they weren't able to come. L-R: Tre, Aaron, Becki, Mama Morris, Caitlin, Rian, Brad, Katie, Jake, Hudson, Haylee, Josh, Mike, and in front Ethan and Alec.

Thanks to KT who made this fun party for Brad......we all had a great time and she did GOOD!

Congratulations Aaron!!!

Congratulations Aaron!!!
Today, January 5th, Aaron begins his new EMT job at Community Bridges, an addiction crisis/treatment/recovery center. Aaron worked hard this past year going to school and becoming EMT certified. It sounds like a great job with benefits. Congratulations Aaron....we are all very proud of you! (Here's a link to the company if you would like to learn more:

Christmas Morning 2008

Christmas Morning 2008
Waiting on the Stairs!

Brad & KT made us these wonderful presents...what a fancy apron for a country girl.....and Grandpa Bill is officially "on duty"!

Brad made this picture of Rian and frame can see KT was very touched by that

Bill got me a beautiful new ring for Christmas. Sad to say I outgrew my other one, but happy to say I LOVE the new one!

Guess why Josh is smiling so big!

Thanks to CraigsList, Santa got a smoking deal and Josh got a TV instead of cold, hard cash

Rian is sharing her new couch with Hudson. Unfortunately, Nana's camera was out of memory and I didn't get anymore pictures that day.....none of the rest of Jake's family and none of Christmas Dinner at Bill's niece Nicki's house. I was NOT happy about that. Oh yeah, I did get a picture of Jake's legs in his new pajamas!

Christmas Eve 2008

Christmas Eve 2008
This is most everyone except that we had to share Jake & Haylee with her family......whatever!

Twas the Nightmare Before Christmas! Here's how our traditional "Grandpa Reading the Night Before Christmas" went. As you can see, the kids are all about it! On the left, Rian is wrestling her way off of Brad's lap, on the right Ava is redecorating the Christmas tree, and Tre decided to play football instead!

Rian watching her favorite Christmas movie "How the Grinch Stole Christmas". Must be at the dollar theatre...there's lots of empty seats.

Ava decided to phone in her list to Santa!

Rian's Cute Christmas Card

Rian's Cute Christmas Card

Christmas Memories

Christmas Memories
Christmas 1983 & 1988

Christmas 2007

Christmas 2005

Christmas 2006

Reflections of Christ (Friend of All) by Mark Mabrey (Friend of Jake & Haylee's)

Grandma's Christmas Cookie Day

Grandma's Christmas Cookie Day
Huddy Buddy is hidden behind Haylee, Katie is taking the picture, and unfortunately Ava Marie and Mandy were home sick.

Nana, Alec, Tre, & Rian making AWESOME cookies!

Rian and her Mama!

Rian & Caitlin working together!

Hudson helped out by eating the dough AND the tablecloth!

Uncle Josh came by to do a "taste test". The verdict? DELICIOUS!

Caitlin and The Finished Product!

Cutting the Christmas Tree 2008

Cutting the Christmas Tree 2008
Our annual tradition of cutting the tree and decorating Mom's. A WONDERFUL time with our family! Mom did a great job of decorating her house and made sure we had some warm, cozy Christmas memories to take back with us.

Where's Josh? He and Jasmine bringing in the tree!

Ok, so this isn't the most flattering picture but it's too funny not to post! Yeah, I biffed it big time out walking in the forest. I tripped and slammed right down on my shins on rocks and branches. I tried to maneuver my fall so I wouldn't hurt my back, all the while Bill is yelling, "watch out for the elk poop!" (which can be seen at the bottom of my boots). After I quit moaning and groaning from pain, I started laughing and told Bill to take a picture. He said it's pretty messed up to take a picture of your wife when she gets hurt, but I made him do it anyway!

Mother & daughters relaxing...the calm before the storm of Christmas:)

Mom and the men in her life

Grandma and the grandkiddos

Josh and his girlfriend Jasmine

A tall job for some tall guys..... Our tree was over 12 feet tall!

Santa & His Elf (Jarrod & Amanda)

Decorating Josh's Tree

Decorating Josh's Tree
Here's Bill & I with our Bowman kids

Ava's 1st Birthday - Dec 11, 2008

Ava's 1st Birthday - Dec 11, 2008
Mandy made the cake ---- AWESOME!

A castle cake for Princess Ava!

"How soon can I get my driver's license, Daddy?"


Thanksgiving 2008

Thanksgiving 2008
From L-R Back: Kate & Al (Katie's Grandparents), Bill, Elaine, Josh, Brad, Tommy (Katie's brother) and his wife Tiffany, Front: Rian, Katie, Tommy Jr, Kathy (Katie's mom), Avalynn. We had a wonderful day.....I loved getting to know Katie's family better. Her grandparents were out from North Dakota. Now I can say I know someone from there! I sure enjoyed them being with us and hope to meet them again sometime!

Rian and her cousin Avalynn---these two little girls are first cousins and they look so different but both so CUTE!

Rebecca Bowman Nelson Sings at the Estate House

Hudson's 1st Birthday - October 29, 2008

Hudson's 1st Birthday - October 29, 2008

Hudson and his Mama

Their family tradition is that Jake always makes the kids birthday cakes----YO GABBA GABBA!

Tre & Rian Dancing

Wedding August 28, 2004

Wedding August 28, 2004
It started with a kiss.......

Morris-Bowman Family July 2007

Morris-Bowman Family July 2007
And ended up like this!